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Toll Free: (866) 501-3337 | Local: (302) 777-1199

Toll Free: (866) 501-3337
Local: (302) 777-1199

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Welcome to Damon Executive Event Planners

Damon Executive Event Planners has over a decade of global experience in corporate event planning. We understand your organization’s need to balance it's bottom-line demands with the importance of face-to-face gatherings to educate staff, inform clients, and develop new relationships and to recognize and celebrate accomplishments.

Our Mission

We believe that events and meetings can make a significant difference to your organization. They are the social operating systems by which we connect with each other, network, and share knowledge. It is our responsibility through innovation and experience to assist you in adapting your next event/meeting to your organization’s mission.

Our mission has always been to make your role easier by understanding your requirements with effective budget management in mind. We recognize that the events and meetings organized in your company should be part of the solution and should be perceived as an organizational value-add. It is essential that such events and meetings should show demonstrable benefits in both short and long term.

Professional Consultation

At Damon Executive Event Planners, LLC we’ll confront the issue of reassessing priorities and we are prepared to assist you in developing events/meetings in support of those strategies which will lend to your continued success. We provide consultations for

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